A high-energy, engaging experience that blends icebreakers, music, and prayer with a practical, challenging message.

Here are some examples of past topics, though Cooper prefers to create a keynote around the specific theme and needs of your event:

Discipleship: Called and Gifted; Christ, The Center of My Life; Being Proud to be Catholic



Interactive and informative presentations invite participants, both teens and adults, to share insights and connect in large and small groups.

  •   Developing Effective Retreats
  •   Evangelizing Young People (adults)
  •   You Are Special (teens)


A unique combination of presentations, small group dynamics, large group processing, and prayer.

  •          Confirmation (teens)
  •          Spiritual Renewal (adults)
  •          Grade specific (7th-12)


Parish Missions

Engaging presentations, scriptural and sacramental reflection, inspiring stories, lot's of laughter and a call to conversion.

Team Development

Similar to a retreat with more emphasis on community building; geared toward training youth and adults for leadership roles in parish or school settings. 

  •      Ministry Teams       
  •      School Faculties
  •      Student Councils

Cooper Cross.JPG


Host and facilitate rallies andconferences. Foster the overall flow and energy of the event. Gauge the audience’s energy and needs while ensuring the success of the event.

  •    Warm/Energize the audience
  •     Pray over and introduce speakers
  •     Tie together all aspects of the event


Complementing any event, used to build community, enliven liturgy, or deepen prayer experiences.

  • Concerts
  • Liturgy
  • Praise & Worship
  • Adoration
  • House Band (Cooper plus 3 other musicians)